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So fast, so fast.

21 Feb

Gia is getting old.  Fast.  This video is from nine months ago. In some ways that seems so long ago.  We lived in another state, she didn’t know how to read and her biggest worry was figuring out how to be still during nap time.

Seriously, she is so teeny tiny. Her voice sounds different. Her hair is so short (and forever my favorite cut). Or how about this video?

We still sing this song and do this dance. But I am sure the moments for that are limited. Pretty soon it will not be cool. This girl brings me so much joy. Infuriating moments. And frustration beyond belief (I have met my tenacity match.). But delicious, delightful, wonderful, heart warming joy.

She is at that age where she goes in and out of personalities. One moment she could be mistaken for a teenager and the next it is very possible that Luke is acting older. I know this will pass. All to quickly. I cannot believe how grown up she is.

The great thing about Gia is that her heart is pure. She is kind beyond compare. A few weeks ago she had not been chosen yet to be the class celebrity. And it was a major point of concern. We have multiple celebrity posters in the alley just waiting to be chosen. She was explaining to me that Matthew S. was the celebrity. And I asked her (I also knew she was it the next week) if that made her sad. Her response? “No way! I am just so happy for Matthew S. It is so cool to be the celebrity.” Such a proud mom moment. I wish I could take credit for that, but I am pretty sure that is God given kindness right there. Blessed.

Gia is also loving life right now because Luke copies everything she does. On rare occasion, she pretends it bugs her. But she revels in the attention. The relationship these two have is such a special one. I love watching it evolve.


My Celebrity.

11 Feb


Gia is this weeks celebrity. She (we) have ached for this moment and it is finally here. Yesterday, we spent the day making the most awesome of posters with Kate and went to bed with the joyful anticipation of sharing the poster will bring.  I am so proud to be her mom.  I am so proud of her quirky nature that brings my life something I never knew was possible.  She has challenged me from the moment of her creation.  I have to dig deep to  be the type of mom that she deserves.  I am thankful every day because without this little spitfire I would be much less of a person.

Gia.  The best celebrity (who looks more like a JCrew model) ever.  And always.