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Faces of joy.

29 Aug


It is hot but the water is still cold.

24 Aug

Sometime last week, Gia and I got into a water fight. Our backyard faces west. So when it is hot elsewhere it is fire hot in our back yard. I had wrapped up work, Gia was home, Luke was playing and Erika was hanging out. Gia turned on the hose. All was well. She began to playfully spray us. And I decided to get her. In turn, she decided to get me. A lazy summer afternoon that was full of great times.

Mini staycation.

23 Aug

This year has been such a whirlwind that the thought of taking a vacation is plain exhausting. And we had so much fun during our impromtu trip to Tahoe Ralph and I thought that we should continue the memories. Saturday morning, we loaded up the car with a picnic, some chairs, towels and sand toys and made a day of it at the beach. The weather could not have been more breathtaking. We swam, built sand castles, read magazines, and even napped a little. Gia has learned how to take pictures.  Which is pretty fun.  We no longer have to take pictures of ourselves only as far away as our arms can reach.  Of course, we faced the playground side and not the water.  Oh well, next time.  Next time.

On Sunday, we got up and watched some Fresh Beat Band, had “Peanut Jelly Oatmeal” and thought we would head out to the zoo. Our plans were a little derailed and we went to the river for lunch instead.We followed our river lunch with a quick nap and swimming with friends (which I don’t have any pictures documenting). We all got a little sun and a lot refreshed. It was great. Can’t wait to do it again…maybe even before the summer is over.

Tahoe, take one.

22 Aug

Two weeks ago we had a crazy week. I came home from a business trip on Sunday at 8am, Ralph left on Monday morning for a business trip at 8am. He came home from that trip at 8p on Thursday night and we all packed up into the car for a quick trip to Tahoe for three reasons:

1. He had to be there for business at 8am the next morning.
2. It was our anniversary that Friday and we had not seen each other in ages.
3. It is Tahoe.

So, off we went. Gia, Luke and I spent Friday working and playing in Heavenly Village. That night we had dinner and ate cookies in bed. It was glorious. Saturday morning we ate at Burrito Brothers (our favorite Tahoe restaurant) for breakfast and took Gia to the bungee trampoline. We decided to take the long way home and drive around the lake. On a whim, we stopped at King’s beach. Gia swam and the rest of us got our feet wet. Then, a culinary school was having a picnic…and fed us. Gourmet food…on the beach. It was an awesome, unforgettable trip.


18 Aug

I certainly feel like this could help my cause. So here is to finding dandelion root tea (and hoping it has a remotely acceptable taste) and loosing five pounds of water weight. Wouldn’t that be nice.

Seven months old.

18 Aug


Luke, you are seven months old. And a joyful seven months it has been. You don’t really enjoy solid food or bottles. You would much prefer to be attached to your mommy. In fact, I am quite possibly your favorite person (except for Miss Gia). You always have a smile and the most calm disposition of any baby around. Sleeping- eh, not so much. You will do that pretty much only when you are next to me as well. You love your daddy and everyone in the world. You like to swim and splash and to be in the ergo. Your favorite toy is Sophie the Giraffe and has been for nearly two months. You can flip out of the bumbo and sit up. You love the soothie and really can not go anywhere with out one in your hand, one in your mouth and one extra. You truly are the greatest compliment to our family. We can not get enough of you!

Daddy is home.

18 Aug


And we are all pretty thrilled.