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Weekends. I’ve been doing them wrong.

9 Dec

The past four days have been #Icemageddon here in Texas. Wednesday night, I went to see JT with friends (YAY!) when we entered the American Airlines center it was 70+ degrees. When we left, it was in the 40’s and dropped ten degrees on the twenty mile trip home.

Then the rain started.

And the 32 degree mark was reached.

And it didn’t rise. Yesterday afternoon it got up to a balmy 36 degrees and melting ensued. Which made it way worse for this morning.

Texas does not have the infrastructure for this kind of weather. There is one de- icer at DFW. We Texans kind of freak out and stock up on bread? Not sure why, but we do.

Thursday night, school was canceled. We didn’t leave the house until 12:45 on Saturday afternoon for Jenna’s cookie party and mass. We returned home around 7p and haven’t left since.

I have seen numerous Facebook posts about cabin fever. People freaking out by not going anywhere. And I am just not in that camp.

All I can think is how I have been doing the rejuvenating thing all wrong. Stock up on food. Improvise. Watch TV. Cuggle. Play games. Drink warm things. Don’t go anywhere. Don’t turn on the computer. Seriously. I haven’t felt this clear headed in years.

Ralph and I both work from home but we so rarely take advantage of that luxury.  I need a few more complete stay home weekends.