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How to love salad.

19 Sep

I am a big salad lover. And so are my kids. Romaine, arugula, bibb, you name it- we love it. There are so many great recipes out there and really nothing beats a meal that consists of a bowl of hot piping soup and a great salad.

The fact that my kids love vegetables is a huge source of pride for me. I just didn’t realize how much the salad thing has taken hold of their sweet brains. I recently bought this perfume for fall. Unfortunately, I left it at my moms and will have to wait a few weeks to have it. So when I was at Target last week I found this. Which has that same great comfy, fall smell.

I put lotion on Gia everyday. Telling her that I don’t want to cuggle and alligator. Well last night, after her bath she told Ralph she was going to use mommy’s new lotion. And he said which one. To which she promptly replied “The crouton smelling one.”

So here’s to loving salad so much that you want to smell like one. And Bodycology folks, you may be missing a new scent.