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Last week. Brilliance in seven days.

4 Mar

Cafe Du Monde
If we look at it starting on Sunday, that would include participating in the NOLA Half- relay which was awesome. Followed by a great lunch at Sylvaine and an eight hour drive back to the Metroplex.  Which was a much better idea when I had it then during the execution.  That said, I had sixteen hours of uninterrupted conversation with one of my dearest friends from college.  So that is pretty awesome.


Monday started with tonsils and adenoids out and tubes in. “Goofy Juice” as the nurses like to call it is some pretty funny stuff.  Gia has been blessed with some pretty amazing doctors so if you need any recommendations  just let me know.

Literally the moment I turned off the camera Gia said to me, “Could someone turn out the lights. This is ridiculous.” Genetics are a scary thing. She is so much like me it creeps me out at times. This comedy show was in followed up with some extensive American girl playing and watching- with doses of pretty big pain. But Gia was a champ.

American Girl Watch Party

Luke certainly found this week to be trying. Combine extra attention showered on his sister coupled with Gia having unlimited popsicles and two-year-olds think that life is completely, totally, ridiculously unfair. And it is. Life lessons start young around here.

Some parts of this week are vivid in my mind. Moments where Gia looks up at me and says how much she loves being with me. Or times where I was able to lay with her and “cuggle” her like an infant. Very sweet and too quickly passing. Others are just a blur. Trying to do some kind of work (brilliant idea- not so great in execution. Vacation-yay! Surgery-yay! Work from home with no help-yay! Why doesn’t anyone tell me I am an idiot at those moments. For real, I could be walking around with spinach in my teeth and no one would tell me.) taking care of a sick little girl, shuttling Luke to and from school, yada, yada, yada. I can’t even remember it all. I do remember some things- lazy hours on the couch, countless Netflix episodes, books until my jaw hurt, throwing up in IKEA, numerous doctor calls that I became that lady. But some of it I don’t remember and I am all to certain that is a good thing.

Friday night we decided to throw caution to the wind go out to dinner. We were a little stir crazy. And it went so well. Life was just as it should be tortillas on our heads and enjoying the four T’s.

A whirlwind week that I don’t want to forget.  I want to tell Gia and Luke about it when I am old and gray.