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Hashtag art.

27 Jun

I have been in the process of turning the closet in our guest bedroom into an office. You see, the problem is that Ralph and I both have full-time real jobs that we where we work out of our house. Read- in so many ways awesome.

We live in a city where we have no family and many of our close friends are far away. Read- we need a guest room.

Dilemma, how do you maintain sanity, provide space for each of you to work and have a guest room? Read- turn the guest room closet into an office and make your kids share a room. Check.

So I decided that in order to begin the artistic side of my office I needed a piece of artwork. My friend Laura has a piece in her bedroom that I think was made by the amazing Katherine Center after 2010’s Mom2.0.

Well, this is my spin on it. I decided to make a hash tag piece of art surrounding things that are important to me or values in which I aspire to. This is how it turned out.

Not so bad for a spur of the moment project completed on my garage on a Sunday morning.

And yes, it makes the closet office super chic.


San Diego

23 Jun

In May, we took a trip down to San Diego to celebrate Felicia’s nursing school graduation. (Felicia, we are so extremely proud of you!) and we decided to stay for the week. Luke and I stayed in the hotel for the majority of the trip and Ralph and G lived it up in San Diego.

The zoo, the beach, Lego Land and all four T’s went to Sea World (post to come) before we headed out of paradise. Our trip was full of good company, great food and some super special never-to-be-forgotten daddy daughter moments.

As a side note- can you believe how big my baby girl is?  She has morphed from this toddler-esque being into a full on little girl.  It makes me both proud and sad.  I can not comprehend how these four and a half years have whizzed by me.  I have been diligent about savoring every moment but clearly I need to get a better handle on it.

Crazy town.

23 Jun

Well, for mostly records sake (and for my own blogging defense) things have been wild around here lately. The vast majority has been work related- actually everything but one trip that I see has been work related. Which is great…tiring but great. Let’s recap 2011 thus far.

January- Luke the Duke joined the world MAJOR WIN for me!
February- not much
March- Allison and Luke to ATX for SXSW
April- Allison, Gia and Luke to Houston, New Orleans, Dallas RT to Orlando, New Orleans Dallas
May- RT, Luke and Allison to Pebble Beach, Allison and Luke to OC, Allison to Chicago, all T’s to San Diego and Fresno
June- Allison to Palm Springs and New York, RT to Seattle

Now, here is what I know is on the schedule:

July- Allison to Park City, Allison, Gia and Luke to ATX, IAH and Dallas, RT to Vegas, All four T’s to Vegas,
August- Allison to San Diego, RT to Seattle
September- Allison to Russian River Wine Country
October- maybe we won’t go anywhere???
November- Allison to Palm Springs
December- maybe we won’t go anywhere????
January- Allison to Salt Lake City

So, hello world. Does anyone have some great time management and packing light tips? They are welcomed with open arms.