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Little girls and little old ladies.

23 Mar

Two recent interactions.

Gia’s preschool.

Precious Blonde Four Year Old (PBFY): It still isn’t.

Me: Isn’t what.

PBFY: (patting my belly) flat.

We do this daily.


Post Hot Yoga on Monday night.

Little Old Lady (LOL): Great work out.

Me: Yes, feels so good.

LOL: When are you due?

Thank you preschool and senior set for not allowing me to have illusions of grandeur.  My ego does not appreciate it.



21 Mar

On Ash Wednesday we rushed to mass.   Ralph was out of town…which I think he has been every Ash Wednesday since we have been married.  Luke and I picked G up from school and made it to mass…just in the nick of time.  And here are the two cuties with their Ashes.  I am hoping Luke gives up night feedings for Lent and Gia not listening.  Neither have been too successful on their Lenten promise.


7 Mar

Gia loves lips.  After school she puts some on and prances around feeling pretty.  No harm no foul.  Monday after school my make up bag was in the middle console.  Make up maven grabbed it and put on some lips.  Then she grabbed the lip liner.  She is a true artist.

Roach spray.

3 Mar

I have always had a very vivid imagination. Gia has fortunately inherited it.

My mom loved Anne Klein perfume. For a minute. In the eighties.

Anywho, one evening after a looooong bath I was playing around in my moms bathroom.

With her Anne Klein perfume.

Pretending it was roach spray.

And I was the commercial. Suddenly, it slipped out of my hyperhydronic hands and crashed onto the marble counter.

And shattered.


Long lecture ensued. We are not to pretend things are roach spray when they are breakable.

Or something along those lines.

Much like my mother, I do not often invest in nice bathroom items. I use Suave. And as the picture above shows…scrubby sponges for exfoliation and apple cider vinegar for shine in my hair.

And much like my mother, leave it to my very spirited and imaginative child to put her stamp on the one nice bathroom thing I own.

My L’Occitane soap became rice at Anya, Max and Toto’s wedding.

We had a talk.

Oh, paybacks are hell.

Funny as hell.