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13 Apr

And seriously, you have taken too long to get here.

This week has been pretty unusual.  Let’s just start with the fact that the sugar gods and chocolate producers of the world invaded our home on Sunday.  It took a good two days to regulate our blood sugar and remove any and all evidence from the premises.

Then, couple these happenings with RT being home all week.  Which is great, but super unusual.

AND- I have a dumpster on our driveway which is practically full.  This afternoon I am cleaning out my closet and throwing away the awful and donating the rest.  In no way to I hoard things.  Unless those things are clothes.  I have such a hard time getting rid of my clothes, Gia’s clothes,etc.

Speaking of getting rid of, allow me to paint a picture for you of how it goes in this house (slightly, only slightly an exaggeration):

Me: Alright, we are getting rid of the Dale Earnhardt Jr back pack cooler.

RT:  NO WAY!  It will be our retirement.  HOW DARE YOU MENTION getting rid of the Dale Earnhardt Jr back pack cooler we have moved twice and I have never taken out of the box. (Because RT collects this stuff from work and not because he totes a Dale Earnhardt Jr backpack cooler- PTL ya’ll, PTL.)

Me:  Fine, whatever.

Three hours later.

RT:  We should get rid of your grandmother’s china lamp that was her mother’s and then your mother had it and now you have it and you will give it to Gia when she has her own place.  You know, it collects a ton of dust.

Me: {dumbfounded, blank stare}

Not to mention that I have the five year old pack rat and the grown man pack rat following me around trying to investigate what I have been placing in the ginormous garbage bags.  Oh how fun.

The dumpster leaves today.

So, we have been purging all week and are looking forward to a clutter free weekend.



Easter endings.

9 Apr

We had a very full Easter. One that was wonderful and I will write about at some point. But this is how it ended. With so much laughter and joy. These two kids rule.

Pushing on.

4 Apr


Nine happens to be a pretty lucky number for me. It is part of the month, day and year I was born.

Today I got nine NO’s. NINE. Phew. That stinks.

But I think it will be lucky for tomorrow, right? I hope so. Because Tuesday kicked my tail. I am determined to fight back and be victorious over this week.

I think I should have a glass of wine and unwind.

What do you do when you feel like every time you get momentum someone just knocks you down?