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Smell- and- touch -o- cam.

28 Feb

Photo by the incredibly talented Leslie at Green Vintage Photography.

One of the things that I realize with the advent of technology something is still missing.  A smell and touch camera.

I find myself trying to etch in my brain the way my kids smell and feel at this moment.  Luke is growing like a weed and Gia is already such a big girl. It makes me happy and sad all in one emotion.  I try to post way to many pictures and provide way too many scenarios of the amazing things these two do in my life for my own memory.  Everything going on in my mind I know I will not be able to remember every single thing.  And that breaks my heart.

Life comes in stages.  It just seems to me that my kids are at the best stage ever.  I remember holding Gia when she was Luke’s age and thinking, “I am going to be the worst mother ever.  I will never love her more than I love her at this moment.”  And that is just not true.  Everyday I fall deeper and more ferociously in love with her.

Yet, I keep thinking the same thing about Luke.  How can he possibly get better than he is at this moment.  I am having nightmares about him growing to fit zero to three-month clothes which is quite close to becoming a reality.

I love being a mom, I am just not sure how it is that my mom still loves being a mom to these two giant people who are her kids.  We certainly were just that much better pint-sized.


Ballet chic- yes please.

21 Feb

When I was in college I had a lot of ballet dancer friends.  You know the type, super skinny, amazing skin and they waltz around all day in shades of pale pink, gray and black.  And I want to be like them.

Yes, I want the body, but I am working on getting back to my best shape which will never be quite as dainty.

But I want to look like them when I drop Gia off to school and run to the grocery store.  Or show up at yoga class looking oh-s0-fresh and classy. Then I want a really amazing palest of pink wrap sweater to wear with a full just above the knee black skirt and silver patent leather ballet flats out to dinner.

And yet, finding this fashion is so very difficult.  My fear of ordering *real* ballet cover up clothes is that my football shoulder and marathon running legs will bust them at the seams.  And yet that seems to be my only route other than the ballet sweater.  Which I have ordered and will see if it works.

Any insight would be great appreciated.

Moby wrap is saving my life.

14 Feb

I have had every sling under the sun. Between Gia and Luke it is a madhouse of fabric. I love the concept of the sling and baby wearing, but have never been able to get comfortable. Until now.

I am working. Have been since 1.19.2011 (oh, and I was working until transition on 1.18.2011). Which is awesome. I work from home. I nurse. I work. I nurse. You get the drift. All is good.

Except for the excruciating shoulder pain from the slings. Until now. I ordered the Moby wrap. From (which is another amazing, awesome, thing that I will have to tell you about later.) It arrived the next day (because rocks) and my life has forever been changed.

I can type. I can nurse- hands free! I can pick up the house. And Luke….thinks he is in the womb. Baby wearing- I totally get you. And get to keep my job. All is well in the land of T.


10 Feb

We have moved. I am turning Gia’s blog into a book and have made this space for all of us. The G, Luke, RT, me and other random things. So welcome. We are glad you are here.  Pull up your computer and take a peak into our fun, crazy and often loud world.