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Oh my gosh it is true. Luke is two.

18 Jan
Those eyes.  Are captivating and kind.

Those eyes. Are captivating and kind.

Happy, happy day! My little Luke is two.

Wait. How did that happen?

I was talking to Aunt Kari yesterday and told her the biggest injustice of parenthood is how fast it goes. And you too will understand when you grow up and become a dad- should you choose.

It is your special day (really I think of it as my special day too- because I met you on this day!) my little Luke the Duke. You are a ray of light. Each day your smile, buck teeth (which I completely take the blame for from the pacifier), side part and the fastest legs I have ever seen bring joy to my heart. Your legs move so fast that you pitter patter through our entire house. And the sound brings me happiness. I want to figure out a way to record it because I know one day you will be big and I will never hear your little feet and that makes me sad.

Everyone loves you. Seriously. God gave you your dad’s charisma. It is nuts. The people at the store, your teacher, your Aunt Jenna, everyone. To know you is to love you. Which is awesome and kind of funny. Because when you are tired, you are a little bit mean. Ok, a lot mean. But no one seems to notice. Your charm somehow makes it go unnoticed by others- with the exception of your sister and I.
You and Daddy sit on the couch and watch football. You yell “TOUCHDOWN” and ask to watch football at every hour of the day. I apologize to your future wife. But it is crazy cute. You love your daddy and want to be outside and work and always build intricate train tracks together. You are both so very suave that we go to dinner and waitresses can hardly stop beaming. Don’t worry, Gia and I make up for it with our wild cackling because we are having so much fun with the two of you.

Two besties.

Two besties.

Speaking of Gia, she is soooo good to you. She includes you, hugs you, loves on you, delights in you. The one thing she does to intentionally aggravate you is placing her hands all over your car seat in the car. You two insist on sitting next to each other. And proceed to bicker the entire time. It is spectacular. Not sure that is something I need to record to re live. You are so kind to others (except when tired) but you can often be a little taunting when Gia is around. You know how to get her goat and you do. Frequently. You want to do everything she does. Every. Single. Thing. Gia does her homework and you have to be given an assignment as well. It is heartwarming. Your Uncle Eddie and I were not super close as kids but have become much closer as adults. I hope you and Gia have a super tight knit relationship your entire lives. It is such a special bond. You two are the most tremendous.

I just think this is the best picture.  So you.  NEVER without a paci.

I just think this is the best picture. So you. NEVER without a paci.

You are a mommy’s boy. And I super love it. I have to say that hearing “Hode You” in intervals of ten million can really boost ones self-esteem. It is exhausting. But unfortunately this too will pass. Everyone told me boy’s were different. And boy, are they ever. I think a big part of it is because to grow into a successful adult boys have to create an independence from their parents (more specifically their mothers) and girls don’t. So the time when you are little is different. Not better, just different. You truly think I am the best thing in the world. And my heart swells for you. You don’t challenge me in the same way Gia does (which brings an entirely different kind of pride and jubilation to my heart) and I love you each exactly the same amount in a totally different way. Thank you for teaching me how to grow a heart. It is a blessing that every way possible.

So please just slow down your aging.

Because two years went by in a split second. Before I know it you will be embarrassed by my hot dog dance instead of thinking that JLo has nothing on your mama’s moves.

I adore you. Thank you God for letting me be your mommy. Stay you sweet boy. Stay you.

Mr. Handsome.

Mr. Handsome.