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Cancer sucks.

9 Mar

Have you heard of Layla Grace Marsh? If not, you should go read her story. It is one heartbreaking, gut wrenching, shocking, tear inducing read.

Yet, it is inspirational.

To be honest, I had not heard of Layla’s story until probably a month ago. I joined a natural parenting (no chemicals not no birth control) group on Facebook. Her mom and I actually went to Junior High together. But I don’t think we actually knew each other. However, we have several friends in common. After this string of random things happened, I read her story. And Layla’s.

And I was shaken.

To my core.

The kind of knock you out of your ordinary shake that makes you realize how blessed you are and how something has to be done.

Layla Grace. This sweet, precious angel (as sweet and perfect as my own two I am sure) was given a 30% chance to survive (survive, with a super high percentage that her survival would be greatly altered by way of infertility, deafness, etc) at seventeen months old.

And here is the kicker. Less than one cent of every dollar that is donated to ACS is earmarked for childhood cancer research. Not to mention there have been no real advances in over thirty years. THIRTY YEARS.

I don’t know if it was the day of the week, the time in my life or what but I want to change that. There is nothing that evokes more passion in me than my own two children. And children in general.

My heart aches for the woman that twenty years ago I probably passed in the hall in Junior High. I want to provide some kind of comfort for her and her family because her story literally makes my stomach drop and fear take over. And I want to applaud her because she has taken action to form a grassroots organization to change childhood cancer outcomes. They are currently raising $100k to fund a nutritional study to help children with cancer.

I want to be a part of it. There is nothing I can do alone. There is nothing you can do alone. There is nothing her mom can do alone.  But together we can change the world. Together, we can donate a full dollar (or many, many more or time or whatever) to changing the 30% chance of survival.

You can donate here. Now. Or plan a fundraiser. Or make that your birthday present to somebody.

The worst part? Sweet Layla became an angel and part of that 70% on this day two years ago.


When dad is away….

8 Mar


They both end up in bed with me.  For all of my friends without kids all I have to say is never say never. 

Never ever. 

For everything I was never going to do as a parent seems to happen.  Pacifier….check.  Bottles….check.  Sucker for their love….double check.  Kids in my bed….well, you get the point. 

The reality is that every time I agree to the sleepover it is such a great idea.  Then something happens and the sweet innocent angels become thrashing, violent folks in the middle of the night.

Lucky for me the Gremlins are sweet and cuddly by sunrise.

Oh, and PS:  I just wrote this from my phone because if Luke can’t feel me he will wake up.  And, they are both snoring.  So never ever, I kind of love this moment.

From the mouth of babes.

3 Mar




Today at ballet when Gia was asked if she practiced she replied, “I did one shuffle.”