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That time I held a snake with two kids on my lap.

31 Oct



It really was fun for all.


An obsession.

28 Oct


With navy blue nail polish.  Specifically, Road House Blues from OPI.  It is so fall and glam.  Has no sparkles in it (a major plus in my book) and it goes on like a dream.  Make sure you get a great top coat so it is ridiculous, blind you shiny.

Happy trendy fall on the frugal.

How to make a Wonder Woman costume without going to the store.

27 Oct



Last week, Gia informed me at bedtime that the next day was super hero day and her four year old life would be over if she did not have a costume.  So, I did exactly the opposite of what my over achieving crafty friends do and went to bed.

The next morning after working away I realized I was not going to get away without making some kind of costume.

What we had:
– navy blue skirt
– red henley
– red cape in costume box
– gold Christmas ribbon
– princess tiara
– construction paper
– double sided tape
– the internet

What we (ahem, I) did:

– printed out two Wonder Woman logos
– covered the princess tiara with yellow construction paper
– taped logos on cape and tiara
– dressed G in skirt and shirt
– made a belt and cuffs from Christmas ribbon
– taught G the Wonder Woman shield

I think it turned out pretty cute.  And of course, when I picked her up from school she was just wearing the skirt and shirt.  Gah.

Things you never want to happen to you on a plane.

24 Oct


A week ago Saturday, Gia awoke with a gnarly stomach bug.  It passed within twenty four hours and we all went on with our lives.  On Wednesday, Gia, Luke and I hopped on a plane to head across the country for business.  The day was pretty amazing.  Gia was helpful, thoughtful and listened.  Luke his normal sweet disposition.

We take off from SFO and all is well.  Or, not so much.  The stomach bug came back in full force.  On the plane.  Amazingly, we had enough clothes and bags to survive. And Luke, he slept the entire time.

No one other than Gia and I really had to experience the yuck and for that I am happy.  I am thankful for uneventful trips and no stomach bugged kids.

The bull and the china.

10 Oct

I have this friend that said when she first met me she could not for the life of her figure out why my blog had the name of “Bull and China”. And then she met my family. And it clicked. Almost instantaneously.

Gia is my little bull- just like her mommy.

Luke is my china- just like his daddy.

And it was so obvious the moment that each was born. Gia came fast and furious at 3:48am on her due date. Luke was LATE, then induced with Pitocin and took forever to get here. Not quite sure when Luke would have made is debut had he not had medical prodding.

They are both here. They are both amazing. And I love our life. All the bull and all the china.

Christmas shopping.

6 Oct

With all things Pinterest infiltrating my brain I can not help but begin thinking about Christmas shopping.  Gasp.  Ack.  Holy cow.

It will be here before we know it.

True to form, we have a busy few months ahead with numerous business trips, Halloween, Gia’s birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and Luke’s birthday.  We do not live within 200 miles of any relatives read: shipping.

So I am working on my Christmas list.  This is how I do it:


  1. I am making a list of everyone that needs a present.
  2. I categorize my list with (this is going to sound awful) by obligatory or thoughtful presents.
  3. Obligatory presents have a price limit as do thoughtful ones (with a few exceptions i.e.: RT, Mom, etc)
  4. Obligatory presents I will find with one Google search, one click, pay for gift wrapping and shipping and be done.
  5. Thoughtful will take more time.  I think there will me more Pinterest-ing to help find ideas.
  6. I try to have everything picked out by black Friday and purchase on cyber Monday.
  7. Then, DONE.
  8. I keep a Google Doc of all my addresses over the course of the year and update it as I obtain new addresses.
  9. Christmas cards are ordered from Hallmark where you upload your address list and they mail them.  For free.  For real.  That easy.
  10. I try to have at least one egg nog latte from Peet’s while doing each of the above items which usually adds a good ten holiday pounds. (“This is really a lie, I am not sure why I just lied to you about that.”- name that movie but I do love egg nog lattes and I do tend to gain holiday weight.)  Trying to avoid that this year.

Is anyone else already thinking about holiday shopping and all that goes into it?  The holidays were never stressful when I was growing up and I hope that feeling along to Gia and Luke as well.  I also want to focus on doing good during the holiday season and not just mindless consumption.  What is your mode for the holiday season.  Plan and do early or Christmas eve frenzy?