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Hair and hormones.

23 May


If I grew up with you or went to college with you you probably think of two things to describe me.  Loud.  Followed by curls.  Or curls followed by loud.  Even if loud is not one of your two, chances are curls is.

I have spent my entire life fighting my curls.  F-I-G-H-T.  With gusto.  With tenacity.  To the death.  And much of that was done in the nice, humid world of Houston, TX.

My senior year in college I started to chemically straighten my hair- which ruined it.  Then I became the worlds best Chi-er.  I can do things with a flat iron that are out of this world.  So if you met me post college you probably don’t think of me with curly hair.  Not even RT does.  I just fought it.


Then, I had Gia.


Then, I had Luke.


So here is the crazy part.  My hair is still curly.  Like super duper curly.  I can put gel in it, scrunch it like the dickens and viola- curls.  BUT, then it just falls.  Not all of it.  Just pieces.  Random ones all over my head.  So I become a disheveled mess.  

For five (and a half) years I have been diligently flat ironing my hair.  Every. Damn. Day.  And frankly, I am tired.  I don’t color my hair because it can’t take the heat AND color.  (Plus, I think I may just go all grey.  I kind of think it says, “Yo- I am kick but confident.  Don’t mess with me.”)

So today, I tried to go curly.  And this is what I got.  Thoughts?  Helpful hints?  Because I think it kind of looks like a bad mid nineties ‘do.



How to miss nearly two months of digital life because you are out enjoying the real thing.

22 May

So it has been busy. Right, but your life isn’t. I can’t stand that. I try to always remember we are all busy. Busy just manifests itself in different ways in each of our lives. We have been busy that I have been neglecting this poor little documentation of our sweet lives. So, in one quick post I am going to try to catch up. Here it is- 10 things that have been causing me to neglect this digital space because I have been living life in the real world.

Photo by @TipJunkie

1. Travel. A lot.
Over the past month Ralph has been gone practically the entire time. He is gone roughly 22 days a month these days. Which is growing more difficult on all of us. Because frankly we just miss each other. We like being “The Four T’s” and really look forward to some extended time together. On top of RT’s frantic travel schedule, I have been traveling pretty regularly as well. I have been to St. Louis, Chicago, Philadelphia, Pebble Beach and I am pretty sure I am going to be in San Diego this weekend. All fun and amazing. But man, I miss our house. Speaking of…..

2. Clean out the house, put stuff in storage, list the house on the market, show the house, keep the house looking like a model home, accept offers, enter into escrow and book movers.
Yep. That takes some time and effort. All worth it. We are currently in the nail biting -is-the-appraisal-going-to-be-good phase. So as soon as that passes I think the overwhelming tension will subside. But thank the heavens for how quickly this process has gone. We had an offer on the first day. Holy. Cow.

3. Visit family that will no longer be a three hour car ride away frequently.
We have been in Fresno quite a bit lately and for good reason. It has been lovely to spend time with Nana and Papa and Rachel and Tony. RT was inducted into his HS Hall of Fame for baseball. Which was a wonderful ceremony. We are so proud of each of his thousands of accomplishments.

4. Throw parties.
RT had a birthday. Nana had a birthday. Mimi, Gia and I had a French get together. It has been fun. We haven’t had any noise violations….yet.

5. Stop to smell the roses.
Because being a mom to these two makes you want to soak up every single moment. Good and bad…..

6. Parenting with love and logic.
Y’all. She is totally my kid. Every tenacious, stubborn, loving, warm, element. And I love every single second. And have to work hard at helping her navigate her innate personality. Adore her. But man, it can be tiring.

7. Celebrate a major holiday.
Apparently, the Easter bunny got confused and thought he was Santa Clause this year. We saw him dump eggs out of a helicopter (wicked cool) and had numerous egg hunts and Church celebrations. Super-fly-fun.

8. First major bo bo’s.
Underneath those fantastic jewels of honor are some pretty awful scrapes. The kind that are right on the knee joint and take forever to heal. And hurt. And you know what hurts more? Being the jerk mommy that insists on cleaning them. Where your five year old cries so hard that your one year old cries too. So sad.

9. Scary, unresolved health stuff.
See that sweet boy? He’s not growing. And we don’t know why. It is scary. And it involves lots of doctors appointments, pokes, and awful possible answers.

10. Reality- summer is here.
And we are moving!?!? And we have so much to do in California before we leave (can you believe RT has never been to Alcatraz?) and so much fun to have in Texas before Gia starts school in the fall.

So, I am going to try harder to update. I am. But if I am being honest I may be too busy enjoying our awesome, crazy life. And battling the Texas heat. Wish me luck.