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Drool boy.

28 Jul


Do you see the puddle under his poor, sweet mouth.  And no sign of teeth.  Buckets and buckets of drool.  Slightly off his game.  Runny nose.  And yet, no teeth. 

Here is to this passing….and to no teeth for a while.


Just like a Girl Scout cookie.

25 Jul


Well almost just like a s’moa.  I am hooked.

The Backson is creating unnecessary worry.

24 Jul


Went to see Winnie the Pooh today with Gia and Jace.  And realized how often we have a Backson in our life.  You know, the imaginary problem that we focus on taking our attention away from being productive.  AND how obsessed we can be with one thing (huny) that prevents us from enjoying the moment.

Thank you Disney for the opportunity to focus on the good.  And thank you for the adult humor of having the hundred acre wood gang searching for tail. 

Little girl growing.

23 Jul


Belle époque.

22 Jul

…means beautiful era in English.  And my life is in one right now.  I have two remarkable children that I adore, a great husband, a great business, amazing friends and terrific parents.  In fact, last night I ate dinner with my parents and my children while enjoying real French wine that was purchased in France….from my grandmother’s crystal.  It does not get more amazing than that.

Joie de vivre.


21 Jul

I am from Texas. That is no secret. But one of the things no one tells you? The irresistible urge to call your male offspring by the nick name Bubba.


Bubba Boy.


It just comes out of my mouth. Constantly. I can not believe it is happening. And it catches like wildfire. Gia is calling him Bubba. And (GASP!) RT too.

Does it stop? Or is Luke going to be one of those guys that goes by Bubba his entire life? I do try to refrain from this term of endearment when he is wearing his oh-so-adorable overalls.

But, there is a fantastic NYC restaurant named Bubby’s. So that makes it crazy chic, right?

Popa and his grand son.

21 Jul

My dad and Luke. It is really amazing to sit back and watch the awe and love that parents have for their grand children. How often they ask you to lighten up on your discipline tactics (when you indeed would have been grounded for life for such behavior) because they just love them so darn much. And it is amazing how seeing your parents make memories with your kids is just so very special.