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At the ballet.

26 Jan

This Saturday will be Gia’s third week of ballet. And she has a love/hate relationship with the art. On the one hand, she adores the idea of wearing a tutu, twirling around and being graceful. On the other, she is my child. She has a hard time understanding that she may not know everything there is to know about ballet at this moment in time and following directions can prove difficult.

So for that reason, we are continuing on with ballet.

My mom restored my first set of tap and ballet shoes and Gia wears them to class. It really is a special feeling to have that kind of history.

We have a special bag and start anticipating class the moment the last one ends. Her favorite part of class? When they hold the microphone to tell what they are going to do.

Like I said, she’s my girl.



18 Jan

I am not sure how it happens. You bake them in your belly for 40 weeks. Really it is 34 weeks followed by six weeks that feels like a year. And then poof. They are here. Then in an even swifter poof they are one.

There is so much joy to be packed into that first year. First meetings. First smiles. First sounds. First kisses. First laughs. First fits. First play time. The list goes on and on. It is also filled with very little sleep, a pudgy tummy and numerous moments of wondering how you are going to start a business, mom the sister and mom you AND somehow be a wife. And somehow? As these moments of first fade into the distance and the future of fun (and the return of sleep and a semi flat tummy) is all so bitter sweet.

Luke, you are such a breath of fresh air. The kind that comes in a a crisp spring day with the smell of freshly cut grass and sunshine. You truly light up a room. Your sister is your MOST favorite person in the world. But honestly, you love everyone. You love long, slobbery kisses and warm embraces. You enjoy to pull Gia and Mommy’s hair and grab your daddy’s yaya’s (glasses). You squeal. With delight and when you are frustrated. It is a super high pitched squeal that can really grate on your nerves at 2:30am in the morning.

You know how to wave, clap, high five and “so big”. You love the ladies. But if there are only guys around you are not afraid to flirt with them as well. You are quiet and reserved but know how to make your voice be heard when it is necessary.  You also take every opportunity to chat my ear off when your sister is not around.

Thank you for the balance you have brought to our lives.  You are the ying to your sisters yang.  You are truly our boy and add so much to each my, your daddy and Gia’s life.  Thank you.  Thank you for proving that my heart can grow each and every day.

I love you Handsome.