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With gratitude.

24 Nov


Happy Thanksgiving!


And you are NOT turning five.

17 Nov

I am pretty sure this has been the fastest five years of my life. Five years ago today I was buying a roaster with my mom, having dinner at Roy’s and being the only pregnant woman alive that wanted to not go into labor early. The next day at 3:49am, my life changed forever.

All week I have been running around chasing Gia and telling her that she is not going to turn five. She is going to stay four 4-eva. I randomly place her in a head lock, lay on top of her so she can’t go anywhere, tie her feet together. Whatever. And she laughs. She laughs that infectious four year old laugh. With glee in her eyes thinking that I may in fact be the coolest, funniest, smartest, prettiest person on the planet.

Oh Gia my love- I can not stop you from turning five and nor can I stop you from learning that I am none of those things that you think I am.

But you know what I am? The person that loves Gia more than anyone else in the world. The person that had the joy of knowing you for 40 weeks when no one else could. The person who has watched you grow and been so overwhelmed with emotion from your triumphs and failures.

And it has only been five years.

Five blissful years of loving you.

G- I am a sucker for your love. Happy last day of never turning five.

And you are NOT turning five.

Halloween fun.

15 Nov

Cinderella and her pumpkin had a blast this Halloween. We went to two Halloween carnivals and Trick- or- Treated until our hearts delight. Having two is too much fun.

How to easily impress Luke.

8 Nov

Find a party blower.  Fun for hours.


3 Nov




Around here we have been working on creating things we see on Pinterest prior to pinning more.  I now limit my use of Pinterest to one day a week.  Kind of like internet social media anonymous.

So with all of our new found real life time we have been executing some of our projects.  And if I never see another brass thumb tack again it may be ok.

Except that wreath is just so amazing….