The Real Reason ‘The Judge’ is unrealistic.

10 Nov

Yesterday Ralph and I went to see The Judge.  So good.  So, so good.

Photo courtesy of Warner Brothers

That said, one thing that started running through my mind this morning was how unrealistic the movie was.  Not things that you would normally think of (the STAR attorney son of a judge that didn’t speak to his father or come home to his beloved mother, etc) I can get behind those for dramatic effect.

But the house.

Not the spectacular house in supposed Highland Park.  The house that is in the detested (and loved by many) Carlinville, Indiana.

Throughout the entire movie, we see the beautiful home where Hank grew up and Robert Duvall lived for years.  The home that was kept by the housewife mother who could have in no way paid for Robert Downey Jr.’s education.  The movie begins with her passing.

Photo Courtesy of Warner Brothers

There were no housekeepers or doting daughter in laws helping to maintain this home.  And yet despite the stress of a major trial and emotional distress the home remains clean, put away and maintained throughout.

Come on.

I am by no means a housewife.  However, I am anal beyond belief when it comes to a well kept home.  And do you know why my home stays this way?  Because of me.

1. My family semi fears me and knows they had better put their stuff away.

2. The remaining crud (a lot of crud) is put away by me twice a day.

3. I then wipe down, sweep, run a quick dust cloth, etc.  Twice.  A. Day.

Do you know who does not do this?  Anyone else in my home.  Do you know what would happen if I died?  (I know because I travel on business and come home) it would be a wreck in a matter of hours.  Hours.  Much less days on end of extreme stress.

Go see the movie.  It is good.  Very well acted, an emotional story line.  Very pretty (who knew you should want to go to Indiana!?).  Just remember, Hollywood gives us completely unrealistic expectations.


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