7 Nov

Appreciating the differences in your kids

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Luke and Gia are different. Much like Ralph and I are different, or Eddie and I are different, or any two people on this earth are different.

Different on the exterior: the way we look, talk, act, but more so in the way we think, feel and from a scientific level the neurons fire between our brain cells. We are not the same.

Luke loves to take things with him to school. And he is all boy. So, everything is a monster truck, airplane, motorcycle, whatever thing I could care less about but now have grown semi obsessed with because of the deep, consuming love that I have for my son. (My love affair with sparkles and make up has long been cultivated and it wasn’t necessary to grow with Gia’s. But my love for her is overwhelming too.)

This morning in the car he had a push airplane toy with a man inside.

He wanted to name said man.

My first reaction was YAY! What is he going to come up with? Gia and I have created some fabulous names over the years-

Sofia Stocking, Cromley the Crab, Fiona Glitter Sparkles Princess, the list goes on.

A tiny voice (that sounds exactly like his sisters did at that age), “Airplane man- no wait! Airplane Man Luke.”

Direct. To the point. Descriptive. And perfect from his mouth. So logical that I truly don’t understand it. But I love it. Just the same as I love Stainless Barbie Pinky Perfect.

They are so different, but the fill my cup the same- to a state of overflow.

I love different. On every level. From precise and analytic to over the top and ridiculous. Different is what makes the world go round and I appreciate seeing it so clearly each and every day.

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