The Lost Art of Walking to School.

3 Sep

Gia First Day

Gia started asking this summer if she could be a walker. We live roughly three miles from Gia’s school. Too far to walk, but too close to drive. (Not really. We did that for an entire year.)

In an effort to say, “yes”  I did some brainstorming. How to find a solution to this walking conundrum?  Not to mention, she is helping me solve my problem of wanting more time with her.

More time where we are  just in a space together. Where there are no distractions from the radio, screens, toys, what could we be doing. Just us (and us can certainly include other humans we love both family and friends). Where we can talk. Or not talk. Just be. If something crosses our mind- we discuss it. Or we may just hold hands.

First I started parking across the street from G’s school.  And it really wasn’t enough.  It was like walking into Target.  I wanted to cross streets.  Look both ways, see the sun, find rocks, feel the humidity, feel the cold (whenever that is coming GOOD GOSH).  Last Thursday, I found a place about a half a mile from Gia’s school and roughly half a mile from Luke’s school.

And we walk.

Well, we parked.  Got out. Put on Gia’s backpack.  Crossed the street. Luke and I walked Gia to those two big double doors and kissed her good bye.  Then Luke and I walked back towards the car, passed it and went straight to his school.  I walked back to the car and drove home.

I am in love with this. Sure, it adds some time on the morning routine.  But it is precious time.  You see, while we are not right- when- we- wake- up morning people; we are get- us- going- a- little -and- then- we- are morning people. It works.

Every time I turn around I am bombarded with the facts that this time with my children is fleeting. I am committing to doing this rain or shine a minimum of three days a week.  This way if we go to JKC Live!  we can park closer and if we are running late I won’t be backing off of my promise.

With three days a week I hope we can see a community form from walking into a school and not simply sitting in the carpool lane.  With three days a week I anticipate mornings (no matter how rushed or flustered they start) with conversations about aspirations and excitement.  With three  days a week I except to meet friends I would have never heard about around the dinner table.

And lets be honest, this extra two miles on my FitBit will certainly help me beat Popa on steps.

So here’s to a new routine, a few extra steps, and more moments that I can cherish with my sweet darlings.


3 Responses to “The Lost Art of Walking to School.”

  1. Tonia September 3, 2013 at 2:59 pm #

    Sounds like you found an awesome compromise.

  2. Jane Zansler September 3, 2013 at 6:18 pm #

    You always amaze me with your “SOLUTIONS”, Gia and Luke are very fortunate to have you for a Mom, but they won’t realize it until they are in their twenties. Love you!


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