And just like that, the paci was gone.

20 Aug

For a boy who loved his paci so, its departure was somewhat anti climatic.

August 20, 2013 will go down in the history books for Luke. At 2 years 7 months 2 days (or 81561600 seconds) old he gave up his beloved pacifier.

For months, when at school he only had his paci at nap time. And for a few months, we kept telling him that if he gave his paci’s to Uncle Eddie he would get a bike. Then, we went on our ten day vacation and Luke fell asleep twice with out his pacifier. So we went with it.

We just stopped giving it to him. Told him we couldn’t find one. Didn’t have one. Etc. This is exactly how Gia (much less attached) gave up her paci and bottle.

When we returned home and Uncle Eddie was over for dinner- we gave them to him. I had big plans of becoming a YouTube sensation.  A chiminea, tears, a new bike unveiling.  None of that happened.  He had not had a paci for close to twelve days at that point- we were on a roll.  I didn’t have a bike (still don’t) but thought we should make it happen.

To be frank, I am not sure that I was ready. Not because I wanted him to still have his paci. Believe me, the orthodontic bills are already giving me nightmares. But it is a very real illustration that my baby is growing up. Getting bigger. More self reliant.

I melted on a puddle in the floor when we moved from California to Texas and all that was left in our bedroom were a pile of paci’s, newspapers and dust bunnies.


That is the last picture I have of Luke with his pac. It was pretty painless. I guess slow and steady is the best way to get rid of a pacifier. It was a six month (and two year) journey (love affair) and now we have to find a bike for this sweet boy.

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