She is well gifted.

10 May


As she should be.

Happy Mother’s Day Meezer!

I adore my mother. And I never could fully understand what she meant until I became a mother myself. She is right. She does love me more. But I love her so, so, so, much.Sometimes my heart could burst at how very thankful I am to have my Meezer. As MY mom. I am truly the envy of all (ok, a lot of)  my friends.


Seriously, where were these weight gain genes during my pregnancies? 17 pounds. Totally unfair. But how beautiful is she? So adoring. Of me. And Eddie. Thank you for loving us so completely and fully and teaching us that we are deserving of happiness.


Thank you mom for teaching me that Sun-In is ALWAYS a bad idea. But letting me figure it out on my own. Thank you for showing me that to cackle and enjoy life. It is far better to be having the fun than to listen to the naysayers. We may be a little loud and overwhelmed in laughter but we refuse to through life crying or just not experiencing that kind of joy at all. How I wish Gia could have had one card game with Sis and Grandma. That group of five cackling together would be a moment to go down in history.

My Meezer taught me that there is obnoxious; and there is border line obnoxious. Walk the line.


Gia has my mother’s genes. Lucky. Her lean frame and legs for days. Her big heart and emotions on her sleeve. Her willingness to give until the point of breaking. The relationship that these two have is so dear and special. Smelling roses. Doing crafts- that never come out right. But the memories are made. And cherished.



My mom has been there for every important moment of my life. The gut wrenching, I should be ashamed of myself moments, to the pride inducing ones. Supporting me every step of the way. She has not always been proud, but she has always been there. Which is such a testament to who she is. As a mother it is very hard to constantly support and never give up. But she didn’t. Not once. Even though I was mean. Often.


My moms friends and co-workers often say she is well gifted by my brother and I. And she is. And all the great JCrew gifts in the world can not even compare to the gift she has given us by being our mother.

Happy Mother’s Day. I love you, Mom.

One Response to “She is well gifted.”

  1. Tonia May 10, 2013 at 5:42 pm #

    Can I steal her?

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