Shredding. Shred. Shred.

16 Aug

So Danielle has been doing P90X and she looks amazing. Not a little amazing. A whole lot of fantastic. And I am a big fan of P90x. That said, it is in a box. Waiting to be unloaded. And, I currently don’t have a DVD player as I am living with my husband and two children in the house that I grew up in with my parents and about to move in with my brother and sister-in-law.

Then I remembered Amazon Instant Video and decided to download Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. And do it. On my parents two million degree garage. Who needs a swanky hot yoga studio when you can wham-bam-knock-it-out in twenty minutes? Not this gal. I am on day two.

She is driving me crazy. Already. Day two.

But that is ok. I am committing to thirty days of shred with running three days a week (because I agreed to running the New Orleans half in February Yippee!

Now I in no way shape of form think that the shred is like P90x. But I do like that it gets back to basics and forces me to do some strength, cardio and abs (which I can’t stand and need the most work there. My goal is to lose ten pounds in the thirty days. We will then be two weeks from moving into our new house (PTL) and I will probably just amp up my running for those two weeks.

Anyone know where you can get a digital version of P90x or Insanity? Would love to mix up my at home routine!

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