When dad is away….

8 Mar


They both end up in bed with me.  For all of my friends without kids all I have to say is never say never. 

Never ever. 

For everything I was never going to do as a parent seems to happen.  Pacifier….check.  Bottles….check.  Sucker for their love….double check.  Kids in my bed….well, you get the point. 

The reality is that every time I agree to the sleepover it is such a great idea.  Then something happens and the sweet innocent angels become thrashing, violent folks in the middle of the night.

Lucky for me the Gremlins are sweet and cuddly by sunrise.

Oh, and PS:  I just wrote this from my phone because if Luke can’t feel me he will wake up.  And, they are both snoring.  So never ever, I kind of love this moment.

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