At the ballet.

26 Jan

This Saturday will be Gia’s third week of ballet. And she has a love/hate relationship with the art. On the one hand, she adores the idea of wearing a tutu, twirling around and being graceful. On the other, she is my child. She has a hard time understanding that she may not know everything there is to know about ballet at this moment in time and following directions can prove difficult.

So for that reason, we are continuing on with ballet.

My mom restored my first set of tap and ballet shoes and Gia wears them to class. It really is a special feeling to have that kind of history.

We have a special bag and start anticipating class the moment the last one ends. Her favorite part of class? When they hold the microphone to tell what they are going to do.

Like I said, she’s my girl.

One Response to “At the ballet.”

  1. Tonia January 26, 2012 at 6:39 pm #

    Too cute! Tell her to hang in there…it’ll get better.

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