On the road….again.

29 Dec


As we near the month of fresh starts, centering, and new beginnings we are on the road for one more weekend of fun times.  This holiday season has been so jam packed (not that you can tell from my blog updates….need to get on that) and we feel very fortunate. 

We are looking forward to popping some bubbly- both the apple and alcoholic kind and ringing in 2012 with some very dear friends.  There will be no internet, cell service and I don’t think we even have a tv. Just loud stories, kids hyped up on sugar and maybe even some snow.   And that is going to be bliss. 

2012 has to be less eventful than 2011- no baby boy welcoming, no business launching but there will be kindergarten starting and many other amazing moments to look forward to.  I keep thinking this is the year nothing huge will happen and something always pops up.  The anticipation is half the fun.

Happy new year!

One Response to “On the road….again.”

  1. mimi December 29, 2011 at 8:05 pm #

    Hope you have a wonderful trip. Happy New Year. ENJOY

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