Things you never want to happen to you on a plane.

24 Oct


A week ago Saturday, Gia awoke with a gnarly stomach bug.  It passed within twenty four hours and we all went on with our lives.  On Wednesday, Gia, Luke and I hopped on a plane to head across the country for business.  The day was pretty amazing.  Gia was helpful, thoughtful and listened.  Luke his normal sweet disposition.

We take off from SFO and all is well.  Or, not so much.  The stomach bug came back in full force.  On the plane.  Amazingly, we had enough clothes and bags to survive. And Luke, he slept the entire time.

No one other than Gia and I really had to experience the yuck and for that I am happy.  I am thankful for uneventful trips and no stomach bugged kids.


One Response to “Things you never want to happen to you on a plane.”

  1. Tonia October 24, 2011 at 1:02 pm #

    Poor thing! That’s terrible to be sick on a plane. How did you handle it with Luke too? You really are amazing!

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