Treat your body good.

23 Sep

I grew up in a house with a mother and father that relished in exposing us to all sorts of culinary adventures.  A raw oyster was required consumption by your fourth birthday.  I kid.  Sorta.

That said, there were very apparent boundaries set around when it was an appropriate time to indulge and when it was not.  For the most part, we did not have processed junk food in our house.  Hell, my brother never has touched butter- that is another story entirely about how unfair genetics can be.  Eddie- long and lanky.  Me, not so much.  Well, thank you.

Now be very aware we ate junk.  Mallomars with Grandpa.  Cheetos with my dad.  Frito pies are Meezer’s favorite comfort food (mine too).  Sugary cereal- only at other people’s houses when we spent the night (oh how I would dream about the Fruit Loops and Lucky Charms at Kristin’s house).  On occasion.  Only a fruit or vegetable was allowed as a snack prior to a meal.  We drank water or decaf iced tea with meals.  If it came from the earth eat with gusto if it came from a store shelf eat in moderation.

The majority of these skills have served me well in life.  I am instilling them in my parents grandchildren.  But sometimes, I waiver.  Much like growing up we have very little processed food and it is meant for treats.  But sometimes, because I am the mom I may have a few (maybe more) M &M’s right before dinner.  Brownies.  Oh for the love of all things holy.  Brownies.  Breakfast!!?  Not for anyone else…but me?  That’s ok.

Certainly, there is an element of exposure.  I am the one that does all the cooking, shopping, etc in my house and I just a) know where everything is and b) don’t have anyone telling me no.  I also work from home.  There is not hunting for vending machine money or finding KitKat’s on the admin’s desk.  They are right there.  In my pantry.  And I can eat them whenever I want.

That is just an excuse.

More importantly, it is not healthy nor is it a good example for the other three T’s.

This is a behavior that has come to pass since becoming a mother and working at home.  And is probably what makes so many of us American women not our ideal weight.

I am moving forward eating wholesome food as the majority and using treats as just that, a treat.  Not something that I get three times a day.  Something that I get maybe three times a week…max.

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