Seven months old.

18 Aug


Luke, you are seven months old. And a joyful seven months it has been. You don’t really enjoy solid food or bottles. You would much prefer to be attached to your mommy. In fact, I am quite possibly your favorite person (except for Miss Gia). You always have a smile and the most calm disposition of any baby around. Sleeping- eh, not so much. You will do that pretty much only when you are next to me as well. You love your daddy and everyone in the world. You like to swim and splash and to be in the ergo. Your favorite toy is Sophie the Giraffe and has been for nearly two months. You can flip out of the bumbo and sit up. You love the soothie and really can not go anywhere with out one in your hand, one in your mouth and one extra. You truly are the greatest compliment to our family. We can not get enough of you!

One Response to “Seven months old.”

  1. Tonia August 19, 2011 at 8:23 pm #

    That is the cutest picture ever!

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