Little girl growing.

7 Jul

Gia was never a chubby baby, kid, anything. In fact, quite the opposite. Her turbo charged metabolism has caused us many hospital stays and sleepless nights. To come to the ultimate conclusion that she does in fact have a hollow leg. And long ones at that. Lucky girl.

Apparently she has been growing taller. And not gaining an ounce of weight. I look at her and so many of the signs of my baby girl have morphed into a little girl.

She has started saying jammies instead of mammies. She now forgets in lieu of got- forgot-ing. She knows that lellow is in fact yellow. She can go to the bathroom without a screaming fit and is really listening.

She pretends and creates imaginary scenarios that would make Shakespear swoon. She crosses her legs and wipes her mouth. She can hold Luke and correct others when they call him Lukie.

She is growing everyday. It makes my heart sing and ache in the very same moment. I feel so fortunate to watch her grow and to be her most favorite and least favorite person 200 times daily.

One Response to “Little girl growing.”

  1. Tonia July 7, 2011 at 12:47 pm #

    She is getting so big. Are you still coming to Houston this summer?

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